The Artist's Permaweb

Art By City is a decentralized art curation protocol

Art By City is a chain-agnostic Web3 art and creative content protocol built on Arweave. The protocol is governed by the Art By City DAO. The Art By City DAO is a Profit Sharing Community or PSC. The Art By City community governs development of the Art By City protocol, dApps, and tools artists will need to take control of their Web3 experience.

The main Art By City dApp ( serves as the primary portal with which artists, collectors, and enthusiasts can interact with the Art By City community and protocol by publishing art, participating in the direction of development, and receiving engagement rewards through the Art By City Profit Sharing Token.

The Team
The Journey

Mike and Jim started Art By city as a Web 2.0 platform for artists with a focus on community, collaboration, and discoverability.

After speaking with many artists, Mike and Jim realized they were primarily focused on minting NFTs so they started to research the best way to implement them, focusing on the artist experience only to find the current ecosystem severely lacking in numerous areas.

Since they decided that Arweave was the best blockchain for artists to store their artwork, Mike and Jim brought Slava on board and participated in Arweave's Open Web Foundry, throwing out all of the centralized Web 2.0 code and starting over with a focus on open source, transparency, and decentralization.

Open Web Foundry Demo Day

ETH Shanghai 2022 Hackathon Demo